Church Suspects FBI of Scanning Number Plates

Just over a month after the FBI Richmond office issued an internal report, focusing on “radical-traditional Catholics,” two members at a Latin Mass Catholic church in rural Northern Virginia claim they saw odd behavior from what seemed to be FBI automobiles in February.

FBI Denies Accusations

In an address to The Daily Signal, the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., which oversees the neighborhood where the church is located, denied having any awareness of such conduct.

The two eyewitnesses told Daily Signal that between February 12 and February 26, they noticed two vehicles outside the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel in Linden, Virginia, get closer to the church.

Eyewitnesses said they saw these vehicles travel through the parking area, as though they were taking down their registration numbers, and subsequently leave.

One member who communicated to the Daily Signal under the pretext of anonymity said they observed a black Ford car with heavy window tints and a knoblike antenna mounted to the roof.

He also claimed he was able to see a computer in the middle of the front as it was passing every vehicle extremely slowly.

The witness continued by saying they were not able to catch a glimpse of the individual who was inside and nobody ever got out of the vehicle. The witness claimed when the individual noticed they were staring, they decided to drive away.


The other eye witness claimed to have spotted a white Chevrolet vehicle with heavily darkened windows and numerous antennas, moving carefully throughout the car park lot.

They also added that the driver appeared to be a man who, just like the other vehicle, seemed to have a laptop open in the front of the car and was typing.

However, the witness is unsure of this as it was difficult to make out the interior of the vehicle through the heavily tinted windows.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.