Chris Wallace Out at Fox News

Over the past several years now, conversations about the perceived bias of mainstream media outlets have come up. Platforms like CNN, ABC News, MSNBC, etc., are generally viewed as left-leaning outlets.

Meanwhile, Fox News and Fox Business are outlets that generally lean right more often than not. Fox has a series of commentators from Tomi Lahren to Jeanine Pirro, Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and others.

Generally, most Fox News contributors are right-leaning. However, there are some perceived exceptions, such as Geraldo Rivera and Chris Wallace. On Sunday, Americans learned that Wallace is actually departing from Fox News altogether, as reported by Newsmax.

What to Know About Wallace’s Exit from Fox News

On Sunday, Wallace announced on air that the day would be his last time appearing on the network. The TV host explained that after almost two decades with Fox News, he was interested in “a new adventure” stemming beyond politics.

Likewise, Fox News released a statement, confirming Wallace’s departure from the network. According to Fox News, they’re proud to have had Wallace on the beat as one of their many journalists.

The network also confirmed they will continue ahead with Fox New Sunday, the segment that Wallace previously hosted. In his departure, there are several possibilities of replacements; a few include Dana Perino, Martha MacCallum, etc.

Later in the day on Sunday, “good riddance” trended on Twitter, amid news of Wallace’s exit from Fox News. Suffice it to say, many Americans didn’t hesitate to express their views that he will not be missed.

What Comes Next for Wallace?

With Wallace exiting from Fox News, he will be moving on over to CNN. Many Twitter users also opined that this was quite fitting for Wallace, seeing as he appeared to oppose conservatives and right-wing point of views while on Fox News.

In the days to come, CNN is expected to share more information about what precisely Wallace’s work for them will entail. However, Wallace has already released a statement about the transition.

According to Wallace, he’s looking forward to the “flexibility” and “freedom” that will come with his new role at CNN. The former Fox News host also explained he’ll have additional means of telling stories and hosting various interviews, now that he’s switching to a different network.

It’s worth noting that Wallace’s move to CNN ironically comes as the network has faced a series of problems with their hosts. Apparently, this hasn’t deterred Wallace from making the transition, though.

What do you think about Chris Wallace leaving Fox News to be a CNN news anchor? Do you believe CNN will turn out to be a better fit for Wallace than Fox News was? Let us know below in the comments field.