China Threatens Countermeasures Over Tsai-McCarthy Meeting

The Chinese government issued warnings of retribution aimed at the United States and Taiwan, in light of a scheduled meeting between House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen.

Retaliation Against the U.S. if House Speaker Meets Taiwan President

Beijing has consistently claimed the U.S. and Taiwan clandestinely collaborate to promote Taiwan’s independence, cautioning “decisive counteractions” will ensue if the two figureheads convene.

Tsai’s appointment with McCarthy is said to happen on Wednesday, April 5, coinciding with the leader of the autonomous island democracy’s sojourn to Los Angeles, California.

The authority urged the U.S. to “restrain from orchestrating Tsai Ing-wen’s stopover tours and event engagements with American representatives.”

Tsai’s schedule entails a momentary visit to New York on Thursday, March 30, before embarking on a multi-day sojourn to Guatemala and Belize.

She will then return to the U.S. halfway through the week and stay in Los Angeles, where the assembly with McCarthy is arranged to occur. She will eventually make her way back to Taiwan.

China Intensified Coercion Against Taiwan

In recent weeks, China has intensified its diplomatic coercion on Taiwan and deployed its military troops around the island.

The communist-led Chinese mainland additionally admonished nations in the area and the Western Hemisphere, inclusive of the U.S., against meddling in how it chooses to govern Taiwan.

Beijing issued analogous ultimatums to any nation that could advance Taiwan’s independence agenda.

Although the U.S. officially acknowledges the One-China policy, which recognizes China’s dominion over Taiwan, Beijing has repeatedly charged the U.S. with undermining this statute.

China has been dispatching military fighter aircraft in proximity to or over Taiwan nearly every day.

Meanwhile, the Taiwan president has taken the journey as an opportunity to demonstrate Taiwan’s devotion to democratic ideals. There is no sign that McCarthy plans not to meet with Taiwan’s president later this month.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.