China Reacts to America Downing Spy Balloon

The Chinese communist regime, earlier this month, was discovered to have one of its spy balloons flying over US airspace. The balloon caused considerable worries for American officials who warned it posed a national security risk.

Eventually, after some delays, the government finally shot it out of the sky. This week, the US Navy is expected to take action to retrieve what remains of the balloon out of the Atlantic Ocean.

Biden’s come under fire from Americans for not immediately getting rid of this balloon. In fact, some people believe the president waited until the device was able to finish a decent amount of surveillance before finally getting rid of it.

Nevertheless, now the Chinese government is complaining about the downing of the spy balloon, according to the Tampa Free Press.

A Closer Look at the Latest Complaints From China

Apparently, China decided the United States had no right to shoot its spy balloon out of the sky. According to the regime’s Foreign Ministry, America disregarded China’s request for it to handle the device in a “restrained” and “professional” manner.

After alleging the United States used unnecessary “force,” the Chinese government announced that it will consider “further necessary reaction.”

Later, China’s Defense Ministry also called the US downing of the spy balloon an “overreaction” to which their government is responding with “solemn protest.”

Unfortunately for China, however, they don’t get to call the shots in the United States.

Double Standards

China’s response to the downing of its balloon that was surveilling the United States has not been met with much sympathy here in America.

Many folks are very well aware that China would have a completely different take on this issue if the shoe were on the other foot. The Chinese communist regime would not be restraining itself or worried about “overreacting.”

Americans have rightfully noted that if we had devices hovering over China’s airfield and were collecting intel, the regime wouldn’t hesitate to do away with it. Therefore, the Chinese communist regime’s indignation over the United States doing the same just doesn’t hold any water.

If China sends more spy balloons over US airspace, it should not be shocked if those are downed and sent crashing out of the sky as well. Each country is within its right to protect its national security interests.

So far, China’s explanation for the balloon asserts that it simply veered off course by accident and was meant to help with meteorological endeavors.

What do you think about China’s outrage over the United States getting rid of the spy balloon hovering over our airfield? How do you anticipate China further responding to this? In the comments area down below, please share your thoughts with us.