Chicago Police Union Pushes Back Against Incoming Vaccine Mandate

During the first half of this month, Americans saw the beginning of various COVID vaccine mandates being rolled out. Different entities within the private sector announced that staffers and others working for them will need the vaccine in order to keep their jobs.

Some businesses and governments are now requiring proof of vaccination in order for customers to enter establishments. However, pushback against these COVID vaccine mandates is now starting to arise. A group of New York businesses, for instance, is suing Mayor Bill de Blasio’s citywide vaccine mandate.

Meanwhile, various protests and demonstrations against vaccine mandates are on the rise as well. Very recently, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police pushed back against an impending COVID vaccine mandate for city workers, per Breitbart News.

Chicago Police Union on COVID Vaccine Mandates

Just yesterday, Chicago Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that on October 15, a citywide COVID vaccine mandate will go into effect. Lightfoot is following in the footsteps of other Democrat leaders doing all they can to exert control over people’s lives via blanket mandates.

Meanwhile, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police made it very clear that they’re having none of it. The president of the union, John Catanzara, stated that their members remain fully against any kind of COVID vaccine mandate. Catanzara furthermore noted that at this time, there aren’t even any studies to assess potential long-term side effects stemming from the vaccine.

Finally, the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police described their response to the city’s impending vaccine mandate as “hell no.”

Rising Tensions Over Vaccine Mandates

Many Americans are able to recognize COVID vaccine mandates for what they are: tyranny. Moreover, there are people in this country who will not stand for vaccine mandates, even if it means losing their jobs.

Tensions over vaccine mandates are continuing to surge. The more mandates roll out, the more incentive there is to push back against them. It’s very clear that the idea of mandates is to force people into getting a rushed, risky vaccine. However, the mandates are not having the intended effect.

Each and every day, there are new reports of people pushing back against vaccine mandates. Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Christian Granucci recently came out against his own city’s COVID vaccine mandate.

If petty tyrants believe that they can use mandates to force any and everyone to get a vaccine that they clearly do not want, they have another thing coming.

What do you think about the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police’s pushback against the citywide COVID vaccine mandate? What do you make of the growing number of Americans opposing vaccine mandates? Be sure to share your thoughts and viewpoints with us below in the comments section.