Chicago Mayor Wants Universal Basic Income


Chicago, Illinois is repeatedly on the news for homicides, shootings, and other violent crimes. Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot is consistently failing to bring violent crime in the city to a halt; however, she has no issue with implementing mask mandates and other similar COVID orders.

The chaos in Chicago is a prime example of what happens when failed leftist leadership takes the reins. No one is really better off; yet, since no one stands up and makes a change, the feckless leadership continues.

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Now, as it turns out, Mayor Lightfoot is pushing for yet another measure to even further run Chicago into the ground. According to Breitbart News, the Democrat mayor of Chicago wants to implement universal basic income.

Lightfoot on Universal Basic Income in Chicago

The Chicago mayor’s leadership has essentially been a culmination of one bad policy after the other. Lightfoot is a strong proponent of gun control; yet, gun control has not stopped violent crimes committed by criminals with guns from happening every single weekend in Chicago.

Despite Lightfoot’s consistent failure as mayor, she seems bound and determined to muck things up even more. This is why, on Monday, the Democrat mayor announced her interest in implementing a “cash assistance program” of monthly $500 payments to poor families.

Of course, Lightfoot aims to include this into Chicago’s budget. This style of universal basic income is socialism at its finest; however, this is ultimately what the Democrat Party wants. It is why leftists have continued to call for constant COVID cash handouts from the federal government in lieu of people getting back to work.

The Problem With Lightfoot’s Proposal

As Republicans have pointed out so many times, government cash handouts are not the way to go about empowering individuals at the lower end of the economic spectrum. What empowers poor people and helps lift them out of poverty is honest work and job opportunities.

Democrats, however, don’t like these choices. That’s because leftists have the most to gain when people are poor and reliant upon the government. This makes people easier to control. When people are easier to control, Democrats have a smoother ride to forcing through bad policies without facing any real sort of pushback.

It’s unfortunate, yet not surprising, that this is the road the Chicago mayor is choosing. There are so many real actions she could take to fix the disasters within her city; yet, Lightfoot consistently decides to do absolutely nothing at all.

What do you think about the universal basic income that the Democrat mayor of Chicago is trying to make happen? Do you believe other Democrats in leadership roles will start pushing for this too? Sound off below in the comments section with your views.