Chicago Mayor Slams Spitting Attack on Eric Trump

In a somewhat surprising turn of events, Democrat Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has condemned the Aviary employee who spat on Eric Trump last week. Lightfoot spoke about the merits of civility, even in light of personal and political disagreements, reports Fox News.

The mayor of Chicago is one of the only Democrats to openly condemn the ill conduct which Eric was subjected to. Other leading Democrats have remained silent, despite the incident making the rounds in the press.

A Closer Look at Remarks from Mayor Lori Lightfoot

During a conference with the press, Lightfoot stated that the incident which Eric Trump faced was reprehensible and unacceptable. The Chicago mayor also discussed the importance of individuals’ rights to their own viewpoints:

“Civility matters. We may not agree and, in my case, I don’t agree with a lot of the things that President Trump stands for. Our values are different, but you cross the line when you assault someone. You absolutely cross the line when you intentionally target someone for that kind of treatment. No one deserves that. No one.”

Finally, Mayor Lightfoot stated that Eric Trump is very “gracious” for choosing not to press charges against the Aviary waitress.

Where are the Other Democrats?

Mayor Lightfoot’s condemnation of the waitress is certainly notable…but where are the other Democrats? Where are the leftists who are outraged and up in arms whenever a conservative so much as looks at a Democrat? If a progressive left-winger were spat upon in the Aviary, every single House Democrat caucus member and presidential candidate would come out and issue condemning statements. Thus far, these members of the Democrat Party have yet to say a word.

The majority of Democrats do not care when violence is inflicted upon conservatives and other Americans who disagree with them. As a matter of fact, there are many on the left-wing who secretly like this kind of ill-treatment or view it as justifiable; only when attacks are directed towards Democrats do they begin to see it as problematic.

Ultimately, Mayor Lightfoot is probably the only Democrat who will openly denounce what happened to Eric Trump. Other members of her party have had ample opportunity to speak out against this incident and they have chosen not to do so.

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