Chelsea Manning Slams Trump Administration

Whistleblower Chelsea Manning is back in the press.
On Sunday, Manning accused the Trump Administration of weaponizing various government agencies in order to silence journalists, as documented by Fox News. Manning’s accusations are not new; countless Democrats have accused the president of unfairly targeting members of the press.

Reviewing Manning’s Statements

Manning shared thoughts about the treatment of journalists under the Trump Administration during an interview with CNN.
The statements provided by Manning read as follows:

“I think that ultimately what they really want is to go after journalists. This administration clearly wants to go after journalists. I think we’re going to see national security journalists and a lot of disruptive processes, we’re probably going to see indictments and charges. Whenever a journalist makes a misstep, I think they’re put on notice now that the FBI and the Department of Justice are going to go after them on the administration’s behalf.”

Does the Trump Administration Truly Want to “Go After” Journalists?

Manning’s assertions that President Trump’s administration has it in for journalists is simply not accurate. What the Trump Administration wants is for journalists to do their due diligence which means reporting fairly and accurately. Sadly, this is a feat which many members of the mainstream media have struggled with since President Trump’s time in office.
Contrary to apparent left-wing beliefs, journalists are not above criticism or critique. Freedom of the press is very real, but so is freedom of speech. If Americans feel that journalists are not living up to the proper integrity, that can be pointed out, regardless of whether the American is Jane Doe or the president of the United States.
If certain members of the press dislike censure from the Trump Administration, perhaps they would do well to review the reasons behind the criticism.
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