Charlie Crist Heaps Praise Onto Joe Biden

In Florida, Charlie Crist is days away from losing the state’s gubernatorial election to incumbent Gov. Ron DeSantis. Crist has been trailing DeSantis by double digits and remains massively underfunded in comparison to DeSantis.

The Florida Democrat started off his campaign by trashing DeSantis supporters, saying that anyone who likes the state’s current governor is living with a hateful heart.

In a state where Republicans outnumber Democrats by hundreds of thousands, this is just a poor campaign strategy.

Many Floridians like DeSantis. New residents of the state have also contributed to why Republicans have such a massive voter registration advantage over Democrats. This was not the case before DeSantis was elected.

Now, Crist has put the final nail in his campaign’s coffin by publicly gushing about how amazing he thinks Biden is, as Breitbart News reports.

The Latest From Crist on Biden

During a recent campaign stop, Crist gushed about how much he likes Biden and how “timeless” and “ageless” he believes the current president is. Crist said this as Biden has a net negative approval rating amongst Florida voters.

After talking about how Biden helped him raise one million dollars for his campaign, Crist claimed Biden was inspirational during a rally he held with Val Demings, a Florida Democrat running for a Senate seat against incumbent Marco Rubio.

Similarly to the dynamic of DeSantis being ahead of Crist by double digits, Rubio likewise maintains a double-digit poll lead over Demings.

Throughout his gubernatorial campaign, Crist has continuously boasted about how he’s going to make DeSantis a one-term governor; although the numbers just do not back this up whatsoever.

Showing His True Colors

Thankfully for Florida, DeSantis is on his way to win a second term as the state’s governor.

However, Crist’s remarks about Biden shine a light on just how terrible a job he would do in the Florida governor’s mansion.

Crist would undoubtedly back Biden’s agenda at each and every turn. He’d do this in spite of DeSantis’ policies having a proven track record of working and aiding the state’s economy.

Democrats have been losing Florida elections for quite some time now. Though in the case of DeSantis vs. Crist, it is very clear the incumbent governor is aligned with where most voters in the state stand.

Charlie Crist may have a better chance of winning elected office in California or New York. Though when it comes to Florida, it’s pretty safe to say that Crist’s goose is cooked.

What do you make of Florida gubernatorial Democrat Charlie Crist gushing about Joe Biden, despite most Florida voters not approving of the current president? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts about this in the comments area.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.