Certain Democrats Work to Distance Party from Wokeness


In recent years, Democrats have become the party of “wokeness.” Leftists think it’s “woke” to teach that society is inherently racist; it’s why they want to indoctrinate America’s children with Marxist poison like critical race theory.

Woke Democrats have also fully thrown support behind endless government handouts, defunding the police, and more. While many leftists view wokeness as necessary “bold change,” some Democrats are beginning to sound the alarm.

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For over a year, the left thought that defunding the police was woke, yet this massively backfired and led to huge spikes in crime. Now, Democrats are doing all they can to collectively disassociate from the defund police movement and tie it to Republicans. 

According to Newsmax, an increasing number of folks on the left are realizing that wokeness is only ensuring the continued destruction of the Democrat Party. 

The Dark Side of Woke Leftism

When many Democrats think of being woke, they think it means being for the people and down with the little guy. However, some Democrats are realizing that their party missed the mark on this one.

Several leftist strategists have warned that while woke rhetoric is great for media headlines, it’s not so great for getting elected. These strategists furthermore warn that uber woke talk makes the Democrat Party look crazy; additional warnings assert that woke leftism is also effective at alienating American voters altogether. 

Therefore, left-wing strategists believe that if Democrats continue on their current path of wokeness, the consequences will be massive losses for them in the forthcoming midterm elections.  

Time will ultimately determine whether or not Democrats heed the aforementioned warnings from these political operatives. 

Disconnect from the American Public

Left-wing wokeness indicates a very severe disconnect with the American public. 

Democrat Rep. Ayanna Pressley, for instance, is one example of a leftist who has fully embraced wokeness. Even in the middle of nationwide crime spikes, Pressley is still supportive of defunding and disempowering law enforcement. The Democrat congresswoman has stated on numerous occasions that police are implicitly biased and racist. 

Recent polling has shown that many Americans are supportive of more policing, in light of where crime current is in the country. This is another example of how wokeness is actually alienating Democrats from where the American public stands on issues. 

At the rate things are going, the Democrat Party will ultimately be its own undoing. Either way, the current state of affairs in America makes it more than clear that Democrats’ leadership only leads to disaster for everyone. 

Do you believe that woke Democrats are out of touch with reality and with the American people? How do you think this will impact the midterms? We want to know your views in the comments section below.