Carlson Rallied Behind Trump-Endorsed Kari Lake, Slams MSM Propaganda and Election Fraud

Former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson devoted his entire opening monologue to Trump-backed candidate Kari Lake, which lasted 12 minutes, days before the 2022 midterms were stolen.

Carlson thought if the election were held today, Lake would be elected. He said the establishment media was propagating Marxist propaganda and establishment Republicans favor censorship and election fraud.


During his show, Tucker Carlson showed clips of the liberal media going crazy over Kari Lake, branding her with labels like “radical anti-vaxxer,” “conspiracy theorist,” and “election denier.”

According to him, reports about Lake were “crude North Korea-style strategic propaganda.” Carlson has been critical of RINOs like Jan Brewer and Liz Cheney, as well as MSNBC “hacks” who he says promote censorship and voter fraud.

Katie Hobbs, calling Kari Lake an “insane woman,” appreciated the backing of Liz Cheney, who vowed she would do anything she could to prevent Lake’s election. Carlson believed Lake dared to stand up to the vaccine madness to better the lives of Arizonans.

Carlson believes he was fired from Fox News for pointing out the mainstream media’s misinformation and electoral fraud.

He invited Lake onto his show to discuss her stolen election and backed her legal action against Katie Hobbs and Maricopa County. If you value democracy, this should be your top priority,” Carlson added. “I’m happy you’re making this effort.”

Legal Cases

In a recent interview with Eric Bolling of Newsmax, Lake argued that Fox News had become the Uniparty Republicans or the establishment GOP.

The presence of a Tucker Carlson at Fox News over the next year and a half, in her estimation, would be disastrous for the network’s efforts to promote internationalism.

Lake is still pursuing her lawsuit against Maricopa County attorneys and their attempted sanctions. The Arizona Supreme Court recently remanded her case to the lower court, where a ruling is imminent.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.