Carlson Claims Media is Controlling Public Opinion

As the U.S. economy remains fragile, FNC host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday criticized those in the media and political establishment for advocating aggressive rhetoric against Russia and China.

Carlson Voices Strong Opinions

Carlson strongly disagrees with media commentators chastising House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) over his failure to meet with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

US Senator Lindsey Graham’s recent call for attacking the Russian Air Force after an American drone was shot down over the Black Sea has sparked controversy.

Commentator Tucker Carlson criticized Graham for invoking the name of former President Ronald Reagan to justify anti-Americanism. Carlson argued that Reagan kept America out of war by keeping the American economy strong.

He criticized Republicans and Democrats alike for being unwilling to answer how their plans would help the US. Carlson also pointed out that virtually every Republican presidential hopeful from Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis opposed the idea of a hot war with Russia.

Carlson claimed the Republican presidential nominee, whoever it is, will likely oppose an open-ended commitment to funding the war in Ukraine.

He argued the majority of all voters don’t want a war with Russia and said the War Party in Washington is panicking because they can’t defend democracy and push a war that the population doesn’t want.

Instead of convincing Americans that a war with Russia will benefit them, Carlson said, the War Party is pushing ahead for that war. Carlson also pointed out how shooting down Russian jets that don’t fire on the US first is an act of war.

Carlson said, so you just find yourself in this environment where Stuart Stevens and other ex-political strategists lecture you on morality.

You are not in a position to receive moral instruction from these individuals since you are opposed to a third world war. You have kids or grandkids, your own country is struggling economically, and you are not fully committed to a third-world war against Russia and China. It is like receiving a morality lesson from the banks.

Carlson Claims the Press Can’t be Trusted

There is, however, a lot of information to cover here that the other news outlets are entirely ignoring, which is interesting. They essentially serve as the power’s handmaidens.

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore. If you were even somewhat interested or even slightly thought, “I’m a reporter, I would cover the news,” you might have noticed that we’re receiving, to put it mildly, conflicting messages from those in positions of authority.

For instance, Mark Milley explains today that Ukraine is heavily armed with US weapons. It has been reported that Ukraine is actually running out of ammunition and reporters want to know if this is a concern for the US Pentagon.

This article appeared in The Patriot Brief and has been published here with permission.