Caravan 2.0: The Numbers Are Massive, Even By Mexico's Count

The second caravan which is currently approaching the United States is larger than ever, according to reports from Townhall.

An Overview of Caravan 2.0

At this time, the new Central American migrant caravan is said to be comprised of 12,000 individuals. Many members of the caravan are heading to Mexico in the hopes of seeking asylum and escaping the atrocities which are happening in their own homelands.
Many of the migrants are who make it to Mexico are being granted a humanitarian visa which lasts for one year. During this time period, migrants will be able to reside, work, and travel within Mexico. Reportedly, the humanitarian visa is the reason why many migrants are making their way to Mexico and the United States.

Central Migrants and Illegal Immigration

Contrary to what you might hear from the Democrats, illegal immigration into the United States is still a prevalent issue. Not all migrants who apply for Mexican humanitarian visas are accepted; in many cases, this prompts migrants to trek to the United States border and attempt to illegally enter our country. Since January 2018, unlawful entry into the United States has spiked by 280%. Last week, officials who work at the Southern border took 247 illegal immigrants into custody.
What are your thoughts on the situation which is currently happening at the United States Southern border? Do you think that America will see more and more migrants wishing to enter the country? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!
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