Capitol Hill Rioters Could Soon be on No-Fly List

"President Trump Travels to Texas" (Public Domain) by The White House

Last Wednesday’s riots at the U.S. Capitol engendered an unfortunate series of events that are still continuing to materialize. For starters, the House of Representatives impeached President Trump for a second time yesterday; this now leaves Trump as the only U.S. president thus far to be impeached more than once.

“President Trump Travels to Texas” (Public Domain) by The White House

On top of this, multiple social media sites permanently blocked the 45th president from using their service; payment processing companies such as Stripe and Shopify have furthermore followed suit.
This appears to be only the beginning of consequences stemming from January 6. According to Newsmax, individuals who descended upon Capitol Hill earlier this month may soon find themselves on a no-fly list.

The Possibility of the No-Fly List

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies are working to ensure the safety of Joe Biden’s inauguration this upcoming Wednesday. In light of reports that more violent political demonstrations are being planned across the nation, officials now seek to take preventative measures.
One of these preventative measures could involve placing individuals linked to the storming of Capitol Hill on a no-fly list prior to Biden’s inauguration. Steven D’Antuono, an FBI field office assistant, explained that the FBI is exploring “all tools and techniques” at this time, due to last week’s events.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is also working with the FBI and beefing up security in airports near the nation’s capital. On Monday, TSA putting out a statement, confirming that their agency is “on high alert” and has extra safeguards in place.

Precautions Ahead of Inauguration Day

The FBI and TSA aren’t the only ones taking precautions ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration next week.
Earlier this week, vacation rental marketplace Airbnb canceled all reservations for next week in Washington D.C. The company has also confirmed that they will be terminating the accounts of individuals who stormed the U.S. Capitol last Wednesday.

Furthermore, no one will be able to use Airbnb for D.C. reservations next week; this, of course, is taking place as a means of ensuring safety.
Many Americans have come out in favor of placing individuals who stormed Capitol Hill on no-fly lists.
What do you think about the possibility of Capitol Hill rioters being put on no-fly lists? Are you surprised that Airbnb blocked all reservations in Washington D.C. for next week? Let us know your thoughts on these situations in the comments section below.