Candace Owens on Black Vote in 2020: "It's Fully on the Table!"

Last night, Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens shared her thoughts about the black vote in the upcoming 2020 presidential election, according to Fox News.
According to Owens, the black vote is “fully on the table,” something which terrifies Democrats.

Owens on the Black Vote in 2020

During her time on Fox News, Owens spoke with Sean Hannity. Not only did she discuss the black vote, but Owens also shared her thoughts on the current state of the Democrat Party.

“I can’t believe this is the ‘tolerant’ left, but I think it’s really important to hold up a mirror to leftists and to expose them for exactly who and what they are.”

Owens remarks come shortly after a dispute with protesters on the University of Pennsylvania’s campus. Over the past few years, numerous left-wing protesters have shown up to cause various disturbances and disrupt events which involved conservatives.
However, Owens isn’t letting this stop her. The communications director for Turning Point USA is a part of Blexit, a campaign which urges black Americans to exit the Democrat Party and support the GOP.
During her time on Fox News, Owens stated that there is a possibility of Republicans moving the black vote in their favor by as much as five points.

“In 2020, the black vote is fully on the table and they are petrified because they rely on the black vote. We are talking about moving it five points and the Democrat Party is toast. These antics that you’re seeing is really their fear.”

Democrats’ Worst Nightmare

The ultimate worst nightmare of the Democrats is to lose the black vote. As Owens noted, a five-point difference in the black vote would mean the end for Democrats. The left-wing knows this which is why they regularly resort to smear attacks on conservatives and otherwise denouncing the Republican Party as racist, sexist, etc.
This is a game which Democrats have been running for years, but it’s coming to an end as more and more Americans wake up.
What do you think about Candace Owens’ statements? Which way do you think the black vote will swing in the 2020 presidential election? Share your thoughts and feedback with us in the comments section down below!
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