Canada Making It Illegal To Offend Drag Queens

One of Canada’s main political parties is trying to make it illegal to offend drag queens. The new bill by the New Democrat Party (NDP) is being pushed in the Canadian province of Ontario.

It makes “safe zones” for non-straight people where saying anything mean to them within 100 meters gets you fined all the way to $25,000 CAD ($18,514 USD).

How Is This Real?

The NDP are socialists who used to represent workers. They now shill for the far left and cultural Marxism.

This bill being pushed by paper Canadian Kristyn Wong-Tam would protect “drag artists” and all members of what Canada calls the “2SLGBTQI+” community.

Wong-Tam claims that if the Ontario conservatives support the bill, it will be their chance to be on the right side of history and “stop hate.”

Threatening or harassing public events is already illegal. This law will simply create special categories of people who can’t be offended or disagreed with.

Bizarre Press Conference

Wong-Tam delivered her insane remarks flanked by a number of drag performers including one who appeared to be a witch and a disabled young woman.

Drag has existed for millennia and can even be found in the plays of Shakespeare, but making sex-focused drag shows and indoctrination a focus of education and putting on shows aimed at kids is something new.

Wong-Tam is just a useful tool for the creeping encroachment of cultural Communism that is coming rapidly to Canada and the US.

What’s Next?

The US state of Tennessee banned any drag shows for minors. All other states should follow suit. Canada is choosing which path it wants to go down and should serve as a warning to us all.

Canada is a nation where people like activist Chris Elstrom (“Billboard Chris”) get attacked by trans extremists and the cops defend the attackers.

It’s now illegal for people like Elstrom to even verbally speak out in defense of kids from the horrific trans agenda.

Canada is no longer a serious country. Apart from provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan, the country has now been taken over by the most loathsome ideological forces imaginable.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.