Calls for Senator Feinstein to Step Down Grow Stronger

Renowned podcaster and ex-Obama team member Jon Lovett contended that Senator Dianne Feinstein, a Democrat from California, “ought not to retain her seat in the Senate” and should receive nudges toward stepping down.

Calls for Feinstein’s resignation gain traction

While conversing on his podcast, “Pod Save America,” Lovett noted the nonagenarian senator should relinquish her post. He likewise added that others should join in nudging her toward abdication.

“Senator Feinstein’s time in the Senate ought to reach its conclusion. It’s time for her to tender her resignation and a greater number of individuals should chime in, urging her to do so,” asserted Lovett.

Lovett continued, asserting Feinstein’s recent hospital stay due to shingles served as another indication of the Democratic legislator seeming ill-equipped for her Senate role, particularly in light of delays with judicial nominees.

Lovett urges Feinstein’s resignation due to health concerns

“Numerous reports suggest that Dianne Feinstein may no longer be fit to serve in the Senate, representing our nation’s largest state. Presently sidelined by shingles, this unfortunate situation is not her fault.”

“However, her absence from the Judiciary Committee has rendered it virtually impossible to advance many lower court nominees to the Senate for a vote,” Lovett expounded.

“This means that Feinstein, who should not occupy her Senate seat, is now obstructing our ability to confirm judges.”

Lovett also took aim at Feinstein’s staff for enabling her continued service in spite of her declining health.

Furthermore, Lovett added that those surrounding Dianne Feinstein, who keep on allowing an inadequate senator in such a crucial role, are committing a grave error.

On the other hand, ex-Senator Barbara Boxer of California candidly hinted at the possibility of Feinstein contemplating retirement in a December 2021 Los Angeles Times piece.

“Suppose Senator Feinstein were to contact me today, seeking counsel,” Boxer remarked, “I would respond by saying that the decision is ultimately hers.”

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.