California Woman Publicly Shames Trump Supporter then Goes into Hiding

A California woman has gone missing after publicly shaming and rebuking an elderly man simply for wearing a red, Make America Great Again (MAGA) hat.
46-year-old Rebecca Mankey, the woman in question, is believed by authorities to be in hiding following the backlash from her actions, reports Fox News.

Everything You Need to Know

Mankey kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest after screaming at a 74-year-old Trump supporter for wearing a MAGA hat. The incident in question occurred at a coffee shop; following news of Mankey’s ill conduct, she was fired from her job at Gryphon Stringed Instruments.
In addition to referring to this elderly man as racist, Mankey publicly called on other people to “confront” this man. She did this both in the coffee shop and later on Facebook. Mankey’s actions indicate that she feels absolutely no remorse for her actions. Like most liberals, Mankey believes that anyone who dares to disagree with her politically is worthy of scorn, humiliation, and public ostracization.

The Fallout

As one might imagine, Mankey’s actions quickly spread across the country with various Americans weighing in with their disgust. Apparently, this was too much for Mankey to handle and she has since gone missing. However, law enforcement officers have determined that the 46-year-old is purposefully hiding.
On Friday, Lake County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Aaron Clark provided a statement about Mankey’s whereabouts:

“We have nothing that makes us think she’s at-risk. We’ve determined from the people we’ve talked to that she is voluntarily missing.”

Unintended Consequences

From the looks of things, Rebecca Mankey has chosen to lay low until the backlash from her actions subsides. Quite frankly, the idea that she expected a different outcome is honestly shocking.
Berating someone for having a different political outlook and then boasting about it online is a recipe for attracting criticism and hate. Hopefully, this experience will prove to be a learning experience for Mankey.
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