California Sees Notable Population Drop

Blue states have gone off the deep end in 2021.

In Oregon, there are communities looking into making mask mandates permanent. This is a far cry from initial claims that masking would only happen temporarily to get COVID under control.

Meanwhile, in Chicago, Illinois, crime is through the roof. Lawlessness in Chicago is so dire that people have practically become desensitized to the regular reports of shootings and homicides in the city.

In places like California, New York, and rising numbers of left-wing cities, individuals are being required to show proof of vaccination before they’re allowed into most indoor, public spaces.

Therefore, it may not come as a shock to learn that California has seen a notable drop in their population, as reported by Breitbart News.

Bad News for the Golden State

According to the United States Census Bureau, there’s been a 1% decline in California residents over the past 12 months. In a state with close to 40 million people, this 1% shakes out to about 367,000 individuals leaving the Golden State.

Other states to witness significant declines of people living in their communities include New York and Illinois, both deeply blue states that have been under Democrat leaders’ control for quite some time to come.

Needless to say, California has a significant number of problems. They’ve been dealing with drug and homelessness crises, in addition to newfound mandates that force individuals to show their vaccine papers before being let inside indoor establishments.

As blue states like California lose considerable amounts of residents, red states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona gained massive numbers of residents. In fact, so many new people are moving to Florida that the state has gone from being a purple, swing state to a reliable red state.

The Truth About Leftist Leadership

Democrat leaders in states like California, New York, etc., make it a point to regularly defend their policies. They somehow always have an explanation; however, the American people are making it clear where they stand.

It’s no coincidence that Americans are flocking to states like Florida and Texas, while fleeing from places like California and New York. Many people don’t want to live in communities that are overrun with crime, homelessness, high taxes, and medical mandates.

Democrats can come up with whatever stories they want about how great these policies are; nevertheless, it doesn’t change the failure of these reforms and the public’s rejection of them.

The United States Census Bureau data confirms what Republicans and conservatives have been saying for quite some time. Blue states are in the middle of a significant decline, as their red counterparts are getting better and stronger with each passing day.

What do you think about the considerable loss in California’s population? We look forward to reading your feedback in the comments section.