California Greenlights Reparations For Black Residents

Across the country, racial reparations have been a hot topic for quite some time. The argument for reparations asserts that because of past systemic injustices against black Americans, there should be work done now to atone.

However, opponents of reparations often point out that no one today was a slave, slave owner, or even the child of a slave or slave owner.

Nevertheless, reparations have not disappeared from this country’s conversations and debates. As a matter of fact, California is now moving closer to making reparations a reality, as documented by Fox News.

What to Know About Reparations in California

In the Golden State, the reparations panel determined that $1.2 million per black person constitutes an acceptable benchmark for reparations. Since the panel has now spoken, all eyes are on the California state legislature, which may end up voting on the panel’s verdict.

Right now, Democrats heavily control the state legislature and have been clear in their views that reparations are justifible.

According to Democratic lawmaker Rep. Barbara Lee, reparations are both “moral” and a great way to fix what she called various disparties between racial groups.

Where is the Money Coming From?

Right now, California is well-known for having some of the highest taxes in the nation. In fact, many folks have left California, due to the state no longer being an affordable place for them to reside.

If the California state legislature approves the measures greenlit by the reparations panel, then taxpayers can expect an even bigger bill. This could very well lead to even more people leaving the Golden State for greener pastures.

Given the route that California appears to be going down, it remains to be seen whether or not other blue states follow suit. Coincidentally, California also isn’t the only Democrat-run state that’s hemorrhaging residents at a remarkable rate.