California Gov. Newsom Torched for List of Allowed Outdoor Activities

"Gavin Newsom" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

COVID-19 lockdowns continue to highlight Democrat leaders’ egomania and obsession with power trips.
As conservative governors across the nation gradually ease restrictions and allow Americans to return to work in phases, their liberal counterparts are all too eager to lengthen shutdowns. This would explain why multiple Democrat governors across the nation are facing lawsuits and challenges in the Supreme Court.

Earlier this week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom informed state residents of which outdoor activities are still allowed during shelter-in-place. This information subsequently resulted in Newsom being slammed online, reports Fox News.

A Look at the Allowed Outdoor Activities for Californians

Activities such as car-washing, singles Badminton, tree-climbing, gardening, and “seeing sunsets” were listed as permissible for California residents. Gov. Newsom also took it upon himself to inform residents that the state government wants Californians to enjoy outdoors without gathering in groups.
This list did not go over well with residents of the Golden State. If Newsom was attempting to ease concerns of those who live in California, he severely missed the mark. One social media user slammed government officials for allegedly using a “California tourism commercial” to determine a list of permissible activities.

Another person declared that “liberals in charge” are becoming tyrannical in determining what California residents are allowed to do. This sentiment is growing in blue states as protests and lawsuits against Democrat governors rise. Many elected officials are also refusing to enter into phases of reopening, even when their states qualify or meet the existing guidelines to do so.

Newsom’s decision to direct California residents towards a list of allowed outdoor activities comes after his closure of certain state beaches. This move has understandably prompted the rage of fed-up Californians.
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