BuzzFeed Reporter Goes After Tucker For Sex Scandal — There's Just One Problem

On Friday, Buzzfeed reporter Kate Aurthur attempted to go after Fox News’ host Tucker Carlson. Of course, Aurthur’s attempt turned out to be a total bust and exposed for the hatchet job that it was, as documented by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

What Happened?

Aurthur looked to score cheap political points on the left by tweeting out what she believed to be a compromising photo of Carlson:

As one might expect, this sad little jab majorly backfired on the Buzzfeed reporter. It turned out that the image was taken at a funeral and Carlson did not know that the woman who kissed him on the cheek was a sex worker.
Aurthur faced a considerable amount of backlash after her tweet and the woman seen kissing Carlson called out the Buzzfeed reporter:

Unfortunately, Parreira’s point completely went over Aurthur’s head, as evidenced by the later’s response:

Sometimes, it’s good to know when you’ve lost. Kate Aurthur, instead of embarrassing Tucker Carlson as she clearly intended, only made herself look like an idiot.
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