Buttigieg Claims Racism is "Systemic" and a "White Problem"

The entire platform of the Democrat Party rests upon victimhood and division. This is an established and well-known fact. Democrats cause problems, present flimsy solutions which are guaranteed to fail, and then blame the fallout on conservatives.

The vicious cycle goes round and round as people who vote for Democrats continue to fall for the biggest con of all. Ultimately, Democrats know that they’d lose all political power if they stopped classifying entire groups of people as collective oppressors or collective victims.

As the early cycle of the 2020 presidential election plays out, Democrat candidates are doing all they can to milk race. This is why they’re incessantly referring to President Trump as a racist. This is the card which Democrats play when they’re either not getting their way or need to rile people up. Candidate Pete Buttigieg actually stated that “systemic racism” in America is a “white problem,” as documented by Fox News.

Reviewing Buttigieg’s Statement on Race

The 2020 candidate tied in the horrific mass shootings from last weekend into his statements on race. Buttigieg spoke in Miami, Florida during a conference with the National Association of Black Journalists; as he spoke before his audience, Buttigieg made sure to note that he also speaks to white audiences about race.

“We are by no means even halfway done dealing with systemic racism in this country. And I hope over the course of this campaign, you will see how I speak about these issues — not only with mostly black audiences, but with mostly white audiences.”

Reports have indicated that Buttigieg’s campaign has struggled with garnering support from African-American voters. This may explain why Buttigieg is playing the race card and claiming that President Trump’s election to the White House is indicative of something “already deeply wrong in our country.”

Busting the Myth of Systemic Racism

There are many progressive voters who tragically buy into the rhetoric which Buttigieg and other Democrats peddle. They actually believe that America is this terrible, evil place with awful systems in place to oppress people of color. This is not a factual representation of the United States in 2019.

The reality is that individuals of all races and backgrounds can work hard and pull themselves up. Now, Democrats don’t like hearing this because it robs them of political power. Buttigieg and other Democrats claim to have all these “solutions,” but if Democrats were truly able to solve the problems which they make up, they would have no foundation to maintain political power.

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