Busted! CDC Police State Surveillance During Pandemic Exposed

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has a simple mission: to research and stop diseases from harming Americans. That’s why they get funded and have power vested in them.

Though during the COVID pandemic, CDC went an extra step, paying $628,000 to two massive data analysis firms to track people’s cell phones during lockdowns.

Welcome to the Biosecurity Police State

Using the geolocation data from millions of cell phones, the firms Cubiq and Safegraph provided information to the CDC about where Americans were and what they were doing during lockdowns.

The contracts for services show the CDC contracted Cubiq and Safegraph in 2021. The CDC was particularly watching churches and religious groups, neighborhood socializing, schools, and who was going to the pharmacy.

They were also watching the general movements of people during lockdowns and whether they were complying with the order to have curfews in some areas.

There are 71 pages in the full contractual agreement, which is quite in-depth about the kind of unconstitutional spying that the CDC was interested in having done on its behalf.

This data and the tax dollars paid out to spy on American citizens during lockdowns, which were illegal to start with, are truly disturbing.

Citizens can’t afford to look the other way when this kind of skullduggery is going on, sponsored by their own government.

Who Was Tracked?

At least 55 million Americans had their cell phones tracked. The official “justification” was the COVID emergency.

The CDC claims they needed to watch what people were doing to see how many orders were being obeyed, keeping track of compliance with lockdowns and stopping transmission.

It’s worth noting here that the nations which did best during COVID had no real restrictions or lockdowns, particularly places like Sweden.

Yet, we are supposed to believe people like Fauci and the CDC with their unscientific rationalizations for why America should become like the Soviet Union? It’s truly breathtaking.

As Senator Ron Johnson has said, there are very “serious” problems with what’s going on here and how it is against the US Constitution.

The Data Game

Data exists. It is valuable to the government and many private businesses and analysts. That does not mean it has a right to be shared and accessed nor even collected in the first place.

The fact that Safegraph is backed by the former chief of Saudi Arabian intelligence and spying just makes it even creepier.

This country needs to get much more serious about protecting the basic privacy of citizens and stopping intense government overreach into people’s lives and movements.

This is not the America the Founders created, not even close; that needs to start changing right away as patriots work to reestablish a free country.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.