Build Back Better Poses a Serious Threat to US Hospitals

The Build Back Better Act is the latest spending bill Joe Biden is pushing for Congress to pass. There are many issues with this bill, issues that House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy discussed last month during an 8.5-hour filibuster speech on the House floor.

Since the House of Representatives passed their version of the Build Back Better Act, it now goes to the Senate. Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin has already expressed some reservations about the bill and its impacts. Manchin also believes the legislation’s spending needs to be drastically reduced.

However, spending is only one of many problems. In fact, Build Back Better has since been discovered as posing a major threat to hospitals across the country, as Fox Business reports.

Dangers Facing Hospitals in America

One provision of Biden’s prized legislation would take an axe to the funding for hospitals in mostly Republican-led states like Georgia, Florida, Texas, etc. In other words, the states receiving Disproportionate Share Hospital funding would lose this funding, due to a failure to extend Medicaid coverage.

Florida GOP Sen. Rick Scott has sounded the alarm about this particular part of the Build Back Better Act.

According to Scott, families on the lower ends of the economic spectrum would suffer by these funds getting cut; meanwhile, wealthy individuals in blue states would see their taxes decrease.

The White House, of course, is claiming that ending Disproportionate Share Hospital funding will somehow provide relief to Americans who lack healthcare insurance.

Apparently, however, the Senate is expected to make some very real changes to the Build Back Better Act. Both Georgia Democrat senators, Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, have pushed for the elimination of the aforementioned provision, seeing as it will hurt their state.

Biden’s Continued War on Healthcare

Believe it or not, slashing funding to hospitals in red states is simply yet another instance of this president embracing measures that will hurt healthcare.

The COVID vaccine mandates that Biden has been so eager to implement (before being put in check by the courts) had serious impacts on the number of staff working in healthcare facilities and therefore being able to provide care.

As long as the president continues on his current path, Americans are the ones who will be caught in the crossfire. Biden isn’t building anything back better when he tries to reduce funding to hospitals in Republican-run states.

This is also not in keeping with unity, something that Biden pleaded to restore while giving his inaugural address back in January.

What do you think about the part of the Build Back Better Act that would hurt hospitals in mostly Republican-run states? We’re looking forward to reading all about your thoughts in the comments area.