Bud Light Goes for Yet Another Ad Starring Trans “Icon”

There are few things more American than cracking open a cold one on a hot summer day and our nation’s beer companies have been able to deliver this feeling for decades on end.

However, this is the year 2023. Pandering to the “oppressed” LGBTQ community is what sells. This is probably why Bud Light, the most recognizable American beer out there, decided to take a fem trans person as their mascot this time around.

Bud Light either doesn’t know its target audience or they’re trying to be the first beer to cater to the LGBTQ

You could ask just about anyone in the US why in the world Budweiser would choose Dylan Mulaney to be their spokesperson; you’d probably receive the same, confused response you had when you first found out.

Of course, the company did everything to save face; they even went as far as claiming that the initial ad with Dylan was a massive success.

The numbers, on the other hand, were telling a completely different story. It didn’t take long for a number of musicians to boycott Budweiser and prevent the company from sponsoring their tours across the US.

However, Budweiser didn’t stop there. They went for yet another ad featuring the transgender “icon,” this time with him playing around in a bathtub full of bubbles; although if you actually take the time to watch the horrendous “ad”, you’ll notice it feels more like a fever dream instead.

Who’s writing these ads?

That being said, it’s not like this is the first time an all-American company decided to go against its target audience; just about every successful business out there has resorted to catering to the snowflakes.

In fact, if your company doesn’t specifically go out of its way to show support for the LGBTQ community, you’re probably a fascist and an enemy of trans people, at least according to the left.

We’re not sure what lies ahead, but don’t be surprised if you begin seeing ads for Range Rovers featuring Jeffree Starr or James Charles. As hilarious as it may sound, the probability of something like that happening is higher than ever before.

Of course, these ads didn’t really hit too close to home for everyone and Budweiser has definitely been on the decline for years on end.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.