Breaking: Trump Ally Roger Stone Arrested on Seven Charges

Roger Stone, a former advisor to President Donald Trump, was arrested and indicted earlier this morning, reports Townhall.

An Overview of Stone’s Arrest

At this time, Stone is currently facing indictments for witness tampering, obstruction, and making false statements. The charges are connected to the ongoing Russia investigation which is currently headed by special counsel Robert Mueller.
However, Stone is not facing accusations of colluding with the Russian government in order to influence the 2016┬ápresidential election. Apparently, Stone’s legal woes are tied to allegedly stolen Democratic emails and untrue statements delivered to the House Intelligence Committee.
Stone’s arrest does not particularly come as a surprise to everyone. Months ago, in an email to his backers, Stone alleged that Mueller harbored a vendetta against him due to Stone’s connection to President Trump:

“Robert Mueller is coming for me. I’m next on the crooked special counsel prosecutor’s hit list because I’ve advised Donald Trump for the past 39 years. I am being targeted not because I committed a crime, but because the deep state liberals want to silence me and pressure me to testify against my good friend President Donald J. Trump.”

Many Americans found it interesting that the press happened to have camera’s on Stone’s home at the time of his arrest. This appears to indicate that someone tipped off the media.
Roger Stone is set to appear in court later today.
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