Breaking: SCOTUS Intervenes In Mystery Mueller Case

New findings from The Daily Caller News Foundation indicate that additional developments have occurred in an ongoing Robert Mueller case.

An Overview of New Developments

On Sunday night, Chief Justice John Roberts issued a contempt order in Mueller’s ongoing investigation. Many specific case details have yet to come to light, but thus far, it can be determined that a subpoena was issued to an unnamed company by a grand jury. The company is supposedly owned by a government outside of the United States and the company received the subpoena earlier this year during the summer time.
Since the issuing of the subpoena, the foreign company has attempted to resist by issuing an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Going Forward

The provision of additional details will come as new developments regarding this case become public. However, this mystery Mueller investigation is not the first time that Mueller’s projects have raised eyebrows and prompted various speculations.
One of Mueller’s most infamous probes pertains to alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. The special counsel is still investigating whether or not President Trump colluded with members of the Russian government in order to win in 2016. The commander-in-chief and members of his base have dismissed the probe as politically motivated on multiple occasions.
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