BREAKING: Illinois Shooter Was Not Allowed To Own A Gun

As new developments about yesterday’s shooting in Aurora, Illinois come to light, it has been revealed that Gary Martin, the shooter, should’ve never had possession of a firearm, according to Townhall.

Why Martin Shouldn’t Have Had a Gun

The 45-year-old shooter managed to obtain an Illinois Firearms Owner’s Identification (FOID) card in January 2014. He then purchased a handgun two months later. Now, while the process of obtaining a FOID card does require a background check, it does not involve being fingerprinted. Had Martin been fingerprinted, the aggravated assault¬†felony conviction which exists on his criminal record would have been discovered.
However, Martin was fingerprinted when he applied for a concealed carry permit in March 2014. Of course, Martin’s FOID card was rescinded and he received a mailed letter informing him that he needed to turn over his handgun to the authorities. At this time, it appears as though no one actually followed up with Martin to ensure that he was no longer in possession of his handgun.

The Fallout

Now, the left will inevitably read the above and view it as another talking point to employ in their neverending push for gun control. However, the situation with Martin is an instance of authorities failing to enforce the laws which are already on the books. What good will it do to add more gun control laws when the ones in place aren’t even being followed?
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