BREAKING: House GOP Removes Liz Cheney from Leadership Position

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Last week, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy sent a letter to Republicans informing about an upcoming recall vote this week. The recall vote, as McCarthy explained, regards GOP Rep. Liz Cheney’s position as the House Conference Chairwoman. 

Cheney, over the past several weeks, has provoked the ire of Republicans with consistent criticisms against former President Trump. House GOP members are largely focused on winning back the House majority; however, Republicans in the House also acknowledge that having Trump’s support will immensely aid this endeavor. Therefore, it does not bode well to have the House GOP Conference chair publicly speaking out against Trump. 

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In the weeks leading up to today, Republicans warned against Cheney alienating herself from the House GOP and failing to focus on the future. This, therefore, engendered today’s House vote resulting in Cheney’s removal from the House Conference chair post, as Washington Examiner documents. 

What to Know About the House GOP’s Vote Against Cheney

This morning, House Republicans conducted a voice vote regarding Cheney’s role as the chair of the House GOP conference.

Unlike the last vote that Cheney faced, Republicans chose this time to oust Cheney from her post. GOP leaders ultimately believe that the now-former House Conference Chairwoman focused too much on the past, rather than unifying with Republicans for a common future goal. 

Following the vote ousting Cheney from House Republican leadership, “Liz Cheney”, “House Republicans”, and “House GOP” trended on Twitter. Americans weighed in with their thoughts, noting whether or not they support or oppose House Republicans’ decision today. 

In the days leading up to this vote, Leader McCarthy spoke critically about the dangers of House GOP leaders losing focus and “relitigating” what’s already done. 

Cheney’s Reaction to the House Vote and More

This morning, Cheney openly responded to House Republicans’ vote to remove her from leadership. The Wyoming congresswoman vowed to do whatever she can to ensure that former President Trump never makes it back into the Oval Office.

These remarks followed Cheney’s Tuesday speech on the House floor; in this speech yesterday, Cheney denounced refusals to accept election results and the decision to “embolden the liar” by staying quiet. 

In the wake of the House Republicans’ vote, the House Conference chair position is open. GOP Rep. Elise Stefanik is expected to succeed Cheney in House GOP leadership. Thus far, former President Trump, Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Minority Whip Steve Scalise endorsed Rep. Stefanik. 

As the days and weeks ahead pass, Americans can expect to learn more about who ultimately fills the now vacant position of House Republican Conference chair. 

What do you think about the House GOP’s decision to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from Republican leadership? Also, do you support or oppose this vote? Let us get your thoughts in the comments section below.