BREAKING: Antifa Members Attack US Marines — CNN Anchors' Defense Of The Group Didn't Age Well At All

The far-left terrorist group known as Antifa has continued their assault on the law-abiding citizens in this country. Most recently, Antifa went after members of the United States Marines. Of course, these deplorable actions did not halt any amount of support from the liberal CNN.

An Overview of the Clash Between Antifa and U.S. Marines

Antifa’s attack occurred back in November during an event meant to honor and acknowledge the U.S. Marines. Luis Torres and Alejandro Godinez, some of the Marines in attendance, were subjected to both verbal and physical attacks. Roughly 10 to 12 Antifa members confronted Torres and Godinez, asking them whether or not they were part of Proud Boys, a right-leaning group. Both Torres and Godinez explained that they were members of the U.S. Marines.
Unfortunately, Torres and Godinez’s explanation did not stop Antifa from assaulting them with various blows and kicks to the body. Throughout the assault, both Torres and Godinez were referred to as “white supremacists” and “Nazis.” When Godinez told the attackers about his Mexican roots, they degraded him with various racial slurs.
Both U.S. Marines sustained serious injuries as a result of Antifa’s attack. Torres and Godinez subsequently received medical care for said injuries, although Godinez may require surgery in order to make a full recovery.

CNN’s Defense of Antifa

For anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention to politics, CNN’s staunchly liberal leanings are no shocker. Earlier this year, CNN’s Don Lemon shared the following opinion about Antifa:

“No organization is perfect, there was some violence. No one condones the violence. But there were different reasons for Antifa and for these neo-Nazis to be there. One, racist fascists, the other group fighting racist fascists. There’s a distinction there.”

Backlash Against Support for Antifa

Similarly to other liberal entities, CNN has faced their fair share of backlash for excusing the violent and anti-American antics of Antifa. Many conservatives have noted that violence is not the answer to political disagreements which may exist in this country.
However, the violence and mayhem which Antifa perpetrates extend beyond mere political disagreements. The truth of the matter is that Antifa believes they have the right to intimidate and assault anyone who leans right-of-center or dares to disagree with them. As long as Antifa is able to get away with crimes like attacking U.S. Marines, they will only get worse and feel more emboldened.
The time for action is now. America will not tolerate terrorism in any form, be it foreign or domestic.
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