Border Patrol Agents Shunned by University Students

Students from the University of Arizona are under fire for their treatment of Border Patrol agents who visited them towards the end of last month, according to The Blaze.
News of the mistreatment of the agents comes as Democrats continue to vilify the men and women who work tirelessly to uphold and preserve the immigration laws of this great nation.

Reviewing the Events Which Transpired

In March 2019, Border Patrol agents went to the University of Arizona in order to visit the campus’ Criminal Justice Association. This visit turned sour when the students began calling the agents “murder patrol” members and “an extension of the KKK.” The mistreatment continued up until the time that Border Patrol agents left the premises.
See for yourself in this shockingly appalling footage:

The Sad Truth

While this occurrence is undoubtedly disturbing, we really shouldn’t be surprised. The conduct of these students at the University of Arizona is the end result of what happens when the left-wing and the media frequently demonize individuals who are enforcing immigration laws. Each and every day, young people are being indoctrinated on these far-left college campuses and it’s sad.
However, the College Republicans of the University of Arizona did release a statement on the unfortunate events which transpired.

“As fellow Americans, we fully support the First Amendment right given to all U.S. citizens, but there comes a point where it’s harassment rather than an open dialogue with opposing views. The incident towards the two border patrol agents was disrespectful and disruptive to an educational meeting about Border Patrol. As College Republicans, being able to have an open dialogue is extremely important to us between people of different views as we want to talk about difficult issues, especially as the 2020 election is approaching. However, behavior reflected in the video is something we discourage as we are all residents of the United States.”

Are you surprised to hear about the manner in which college students treated Border Patrol agents? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below!
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