Border Confrontation: Mexican Soldiers Draw Guns on U.S. Troops

The crisis at the border took an erupt turn for the worst last week when armed Mexican soldiers reportedly drew their guns on American troops patrolling their side of the border.
The tense standoff began when Mexican soldiers erroneously believed that American National Guard Soldiers on patrol duty near the border in Texas had crossed into Mexican territory.
Mexican troops immediately drew their weapons and pointed it at the startled U.S Army soldiers, and began questioning them, before realizing that they were on their side of the border, which perhaps best illustrates how precarious this situation has become, with our neighbors to the south.
Moreover, when the President was informed of the incident he tweeted out, “Mexico’s Soldiers recently pulled guns on our National Guard Soldiers, probably as a diversionary tactic for drug smugglers on the Border. Better not happen again! We are now sending ARMED SOLDIERS to the Border. Mexico is not doing nearly enough in apprehending & returning!”
The escalating incident also got the attention of Brandon Judd, the current President of the National Border Patrol Council, who said over the weekend “these things don’t just happen by accident.”
Adding, “I don’t know one Border Patrol agent that is going to accept that story that the Mexican military thought that these national guardsmen were in Mexico,” Judd said on “Fox & Friends.” “We have hundreds upon hundreds incursions by the Mexican military into the U.S., yet we have very few incursions by Border Patrol agents into Mexico.”
The President also warned within his tweets on Wednesday of a “very big” caravan approaching our border.
“A very big Caravan of over 20,000 people started up through Mexico. It has been reduced in size by Mexico but is still coming. Mexico must apprehend the remainder or we will be forced to close that section of the Border & call up the Military. The Coyotes & Cartels have weapons!”
That startling information by the President referencing “weapons” by drug and human smugglers coming across our border was confirmed by a night-vision surveillance patrol video Tuesday night capturing two men wearing body armor and tactical gear and armed with what appeared to be a semi-automatic weapon, similar to that of an AK-47.
The group included a mom and boy accompanied by the two armed smugglers crossing from Mexico into Arizona. The men arrived by truck at the deserted border crossing west of Lukeville, Arizona, about 150 miles southwest of Tucson, and crossed over what appears to be a flimsy barrier onto American soil, they walked a few yards along with the illegal duo, turned and returned back across the border into Mexico.
Customs and Border Protection camera operators spotted these coyotes dropping off the woman and her 8 year old son Saturday night and were quickly apprehended.
This section of the border is what President Trump has been yelling about, there’s no wall or fence, nothing but a vehicle barrier that keeps cars from driving across, however as captured on surveillance video easy to cross on foot.
CBP tells us the smugglers gave the woman instructions to surrender to border patrol agents immediately to claim asylum and that’s exactly what she did.
Concerning the President’s tweet regarding the large caravan of better than 10,000 migrants, Mexican immigration authorities are attempting to detain individuals who either do not have proper documentation or are deemed to be suspicious.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said the government is not letting migrants go wherever they please, but said that controls are for migrants’ security because human traffickers are allegedly infiltrated among the caravans.
“We don’t want for them to just have free passage, not just out of legal concerns but for questions of safety,” he said.