Booker Wants to End Apprehension of Illegal Immigrants

2020 Democrat hopefuls are eager to make their mark, stake their claims, and share their policy proposals with the nation. This comes after the first Democrat primary debate, in which various candidates were able to challenge one another and have a piece of the spotlight. While the aforementioned debate resulted in various gains and losses in the polls, each Democrat is still eager to garner as much support as possible.

Cory Booker is no exception to this rule by any stretch of the imagination. Booker has gone after frontrunner Joe Biden on multiple occasions, censuring the latter’s remarks on race. Yesterday, Booker unveiled a plan which he would enact, in the event he is elected as president of the United States.

Fox News reports that Booker’s plan would ultimately involve doing away with the physical detainment of illegal immigrants

Reviewing Booker’s Pro-Illegal Immigration Plan

It’s very important to understand that what Booker is proposing is an all-out government sanction of illegal immigration. By his own admission, Booker aims to “virtually eliminate immigrant detention” and employ executive order to shield those who enter the country illegally.

Since this is the route which Booker has chosen to go, as it pertains to illegal immigration, then there are some fair questions to ask:

What happens to individuals who willingly enter the country illegally? What message would Booker’s policy send to other people around the world who may be considering unlawful entry into the United States? Why is Booker so eager to instate protections for illegal immigrants when there are countless American citizens in need of protection?

Booker also has no interest in “waiting for Congress” to come up with a solution to situations which are happening at the Southern border.

The Party of Illegal Immigration

At this point, it is more than apparent that Democrats are the party of illegal immigration. The Democrat Party regularly undermines hardworking American citizens when they propose reforms such as free healthcare for illegal immigrants.

We all know that “free” healthcare equals higher taxes which means that under a Democrat president, Americans would be funding the healthcare of illegal immigrants while losing hard-earned money. Booker’s plan to do away with detention centers where illegal immigrants are held furthermore incentivizes others to disregard the immigration laws of the United States.

If Democrats believe that they can win a general election by disregarding the lives of American citizens and placing illegal immigrants on a pedestal, they’ve got another thing coming.

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