Booker: Trump Wants to Make 2020 about "Hate"

2020 Democrat candidates are truly coming out of the woodwork with various anti-Trump attacks. Each candidate is desperate to win the nomination to represent their party in the upcoming general election. Thus far, candidates on the left-wing believe that the only way to go about doing this is to mudsling and take shots at the president.

Cory Booker is no exception to the aforementioned pattern. When speaking at the South Carolina Democratic Convention, Booker verbally lambasted President Trump, as documented by Fox News.

A Closer Look at Booker’s Statements on Trump

During his time at the convention, Booker spouted the typical talking points about how terrible the president is and how Democrats should best position themselves to win the upcoming 2020 election.

In Booker’s own words:

“We will not beat Donald Trump by fighting him using his tactics on his turf, on his terms. He wants this election to be about hate. We better make it about love. He wants to make this election about tearing people down. We’re going to make it about building people up.”

Words vs. Actions

It is not uncommon for Democrats to preach about love over hate, especially when it’s election season and they’re trying to win votes. However, there’s a difference between rhetoric one spouts before a crowd and the values they adhere to each day.

Democrats, the policies they stand for, and the behavior which they co-sign is far from loving…and Democrats are very much aware of this. If Democrats were truly about love, they wouldn’t constantly demonize the president and name-call.

Progressives, if they truly cared about taking the high road, would not mock and disrespect Americans who are supportive of the president. Politicians who were loving also wouldn’t support big government policies which rob Americans of their autonomy and hard-earned money.

Preaching about love is one thing; actually following those preachings is an entirely different ballgame.

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