Booker Dismisses Relevance of Polls in Primary Season

Polls are some of the most frequently-used sources which individuals review in order to assess the state of candidates in political races. We’ve seen this throughout countless political elections and Americans are witnessing this now as various Democrats duke it out in the primary season. The influence of ranking in the polls has been enough to prompt certain candidates to drop out of the race altogether whereas others will not be attending the third debate later this month, due to their standing in the polls.

However, despite all of the aforementioned details, 2020 Democrat Cory Booker believes that polls aren’t truly relevant in elections, as documented by Fox News. Of course, it’s important to bear in mind that this assessment is coming from someone who has consistently maintained modest marks in the polls. It would be interesting to see if Booker’s assessment of polls were the same if he happened to be the frontrunner of the Democrat Party.

A Closer Look at Booker’s Take on Polls

On Saturday, Cory Booker traveled to New Hampshire in order to speak at the state’s annual Democrat Party convention. During this time, Booker talked about himself, his presidential campaign, and attempted to convince Democrats why he is the one that they should be supporting. When Booker spoke, he dismissed the idea that polls are indicative of a candidate’s end results in a political race.

His statements on this matter read as follows:

“We know that the candidates that win from our party that energize the kind of movement elections we want to see are folks who were considered long shots at this point. Carter, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama were all behind. Barack Obama was behind among African-American voters at this point. We do not want to win the summer news cycle. We want to win the first in the nation primary right here in New Hampshire!”

The Bigger Picture

The reality that Cory Booker has maintained single-digit standings in the polls is irrelevant when taking the bigger picture into account. Like other Democrats, Booker’s stances on policy issues are inherently problematic. Providing healthcare to illegal immigrants at the expense of U.S. taxpayers and supporting the erosion of the Second Amendment are only a fraction of the worst policies which Booker stands behind.

Not a single Democrat in this race has policies which will appeal to folks of various political affiliations. General elections are an entirely different ballgame from the primaries and it looks like the Democrat Party will have to learn this the hard way, yet again.

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