Black Voters Increasingly Disapproving of Biden

For quite some time now, Americans have seen polls on Biden’s approval ratings get worse and worse. This has come as this president’s choices lead to a series of worsening situations, particularly involving foreign policy, immigration, the economy, and more.

Despite the massive pushback against how Biden is governing, he doesn’t appear too eager to change his ways. The president is continuing to tell the nation he’s doing well, even when every shred of real world evidence declares precisely the opposite.

Voters have become more unhappy with Biden the longer he’s been president. However, when breaking this down across different demographics of voters, the numbers speak volumes even more. According to Breitbart News, the 46th president is significantly losing support with black voters in America.

What Black Voters Think About Biden

A poll run by Emerson College shows that between February 2021 and this month, Biden’s lost 20 points among black voters, bringing him down to just 52% support as of now. This survey is far from an outlier, either.

Earlier this year, back in September, Biden’s support amongst black Americans fell after he announced the inception of his federal COVID vaccine mandate. Despite what the leftist, mainstream media wants people to believe, white conservatives are not the only people who are questioning the COVID vaccine.

Americans across various demographics, including blacks and other minorities, are not too pleased with the president trying to force this vaccine upon them. Americans also don’t very much care for having their livelihoods threatened as Biden is doing.

Poor Messaging from Democrats

The Democrat Party in America today has an issue with messaging. The way Democrats are talking to Americans and the subjects they’re choosing to focus on are very problematic.

Right now, Biden and his party have yet to address surging prices; higher costs of living impact various Americans of all backgrounds, as this administration ought to know. Furthermore, Democrats are downplaying the supply chain crisis and failing to bring about solutions.

Yet, despite all the polls showing discontent with how leftist leaders are governing the nation, they remain clearly deadset on continuing ahead anyway. It is for this reason Democrats should not be shocked when Republicans sweep the midterms one year from now.

Quite frankly, the Democrat Party has shown an unbelievable amount of arrogance and disconnect in how they’re choosing to lead the country. What’s happened since Biden got into office is all the more reason why this nation is desperately in need of a red tsunami.

Do you think Biden will continue to lose support amongst black and minority voters across the United States? Will Republicans wind up taking back Congress from Democrats during next year’s midterms? We want to know your projections in the comments field below.