Black Man Kills Two White Men in Cold Blood in Vicious Hate Crime

There are a lot of good people left in America, but unfortunately, our lying media and political establishment want to spread hate and violence. This is having disastrous effects, as the left spreads the false idea that there is some epidemic of police violence and white racism.

It’s not true and it’s leading to murder. Recently, a black man killed two men for being white in Tulsa, Oklahoma and is now being charged with a hate crime.

What Happened?

Two white men were recently and viciously murdered by a black man, who now faces multiple felony charges. Both were ambushed and shot in the back of the head. One was in a convenience store and another in a library.

Carlton Gilford is the suspect in the murders. Tulsa County prosecutors charged Gilford with first-degree murder, one of which was framed as a hate crime.

According to Tulsa police, the first murder happened at the Rudisill Library when Gilford went in and shot Lundin Hathcock in the back of the head.

Soon after, in a matter of minutes, Gilford went to a QuikTrip store and murdered James McDaniel, also with a shot to the back of the head. This cowardly psychopath killed two men and then admitted it was because they were white.

Tulsa County DA Speaks Out

Steve Kunsweiler, the Tulsa County district attorney, said the evidence leads him to believe Gilford murdered the two men because of the color of their skin.

Gilford has allegedly also confessed to this, which prompted the Tulsa Police Department to charge Gilford with an additional hate crime.

The first victim was Lundin Hathcock, who was in the Rudissil Library. Only 35 years old, he was taken to the hospital, but died on scene.

Soon after committing the murder, Gilford rushed out of the crime scene and into a nearby convenience store where he gunned down 55-year-old James McDaniel, also white.

Gilford shot MaDaniel in the back of the head. He instantly fell and then Gilford shot him once more as the victim agonized on the floor of the store. McDaniel died at the scene before he even got any help.

Security cameras at the store showed Gilford shot toward another person and the local security guard as well, shortly before police arrived and he confessed to both killings.

What Happens Now?

Gilford is homeless. He remains incarcerated in the Tulsa County Jail without bail. There is a hate problem in America and the sick, Soros-funded media is making it worse.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.