Black Lives Matter Questioned on Management of Funds Raised

In 2020, the group known as Black Lives Matter raked in almost $100 million.

Black Lives Matter has consistently argued that they are fighting back against a supposedly oppressive system that has it out for African-Americans in particular. Likewise, the group has chanted for the deaths of police officers and engaged in violent riots that resulted in small businesses, personal property, and police precincts burning to the ground.

“Black Lives Matter Protest, Seattle WA” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Kelly Kline

As time passes though, more and more people are beginning to see through Black Lives Matter. With the far-left group raising nearly $100 million last year, there are people now asking where that money is going, Washington Examiner confirms.

BLM in the Hot Seat

Some people might like to believe that conservatives are the ones pressing Black Lives Matter on what they’re doing with all the money they raised in 2020; this isn’t the situation, though.

It is actually left-wing social justice warriors who are seeking answers from Black Lives Matter. According to the father of Mike Brown Jr., Black Lives Matter has repeatedly fundraised by mentioning his son’s name; although, the most that Brown Sr. has received from Black Lives Matter is $500.

The International Black Freedom Alliance, along with Brown Sr., seeks $20 million from Black Lives Matter. These funds would go towards various aid, programs, and initiatives for African-American communities. Black Lives Matter, on the other hand, has yet to agree to this request; they’re also remaining notably tight-lipped about where their tens of millions of dollars are going.

The Beginning of the End for BLM?

Left-wingers are the lifeblood of the Black Lives Matter movement and their funds are what continues to keep the movement alive. Therefore, it stands to reason that BLM has some explaining to do; if the group is not able to openly account for what they’re doing with the money they’ve raised, it is very likely that the donations will stop pouring in.

Some people are theorizing that Black Lives Matter is using their raised money to fund white Democrats, rather than black communities. Unless BLM comes forward with a sensible and honest explanation of what they’re doing with all the money they’ve raised, speculations and theories are bound to remain ongoing.

What do you think Black Lives Matter is doing with all the funds raked in? Do you think people will eventually stop donating to the group? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.