Bill Maher Accuses Trump of Racism

TV show host Bill Maher is one of many liberal public figures to accuse President Trump of racism and the Ku Klux Klan. Yesterday night, Maher mentioned Trump, Trump’s re-election campaign and even individuals who have formerly worked for the Trump before drawing links to racism, as documented by Fox News.

This is nothing very new or original, however. Liberals routinely make flagrantly untrue statements about the president and it tends to rile up people who simply don’t like Trump for whatever reason. Unfounded accusations of racism are a prime example of why the term ‘fake news’ is so relevant in today’s world.

Reviewing Maher’s Claims of Racism

Maher first began his segment on air by referring to President Trump’s re-election campaign rally in Orlando, Florida as a “Klan rally.” After insulting Americans who support the president, Maher then went on to pat himself on the back for changes which have happened since the beginning of his show in 2003.

See for yourself:

Maher continued taking various cheap shots at President Trump, accusing him of ordering his former aide Hope Hicks to peddle “white lies.”

Interesting enough, however, when it came to Biden, a Democrat who has actually worked with segregationalist senators, Maher didn’t compare him to the Klan. Instead, he actually defended Biden. Apparently, it’s the media’s fault for giving to much press to whom Biden chooses to work with. In sticking with the liberal way, Democrats get the benefit of the doubt, regardless of how outrageous their behavior may be; meanwhile, if a Republican so much as sneezes in the wrong direction, World War III breaks out.

More of the Same

These attacks on the president of the United States will continue throughout the 2020 presidential election. Democrats are so eager to defeat Trump, yet, as in 2016, the party still fails to realize that attacks and dehumanization is not the winning strategies.

Bill Maher may have gotten tons of cheers and applause from people who watch his show; however, he may be shocked to when Americans use their voices in the polls during the upcoming presidential election.

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