Bill Clinton Makes Shocking Confession About War in Ukraine

For over one year at this point, Ukraine has been in a war with Russia. This war took place last February when Russia invaded the smaller nation, fully intent on seizing it.

However, the combination of Ukraine’s fighting spirit and the assistance it’s receiving from other countries each played a role in the losses Russia is taking. Ukraine was thought to be an easy target that would fall in days. However, this theory has been continuously proven wrong.

At this time, there is no telling when the war will end. Though it’s clear that Russia will never pull back from the fight of its own volition.

In the meantime, former President Bill Clinton just raised some eyebrows with a shocking confession about the war, according to the Daily Mail.

Taking the Blame

During an interview, the former Democratic president talked about the role he played in a 1994 deal that led to Ukraine forfeiting its various nuclear weapons.

It is Clinton’s view that had Ukraine kept these weapons, it would be in a much stronger position against Russia. In fact, Russia may have well decided against invading Ukraine, were the latter nation still holding these weapons.

Clinton then declared he feels “terrible” about his decision decades ago and its ramifications in present day. Shortly thereafter, the former president also confirmed he’s supportive of the United States continuing to back Ukraine in its war against Russia.

What Now?

There’s no way for Clinton to go back in time and undo his role in Ukraine turning over its nuclear weapons. Though there are still real debates in America about the pros and cons of sending ongoing aid to Ukraine.

Those in favor of this aid argue that it’s a long-term investment in world stability. People who support backing Ukraine likewise forewarn that dark times will emerge if Russia wins the war.

Meanwhile, opponents of aid to Ukraine caution that America has done enough and needs to focus on domestic problems.