Biden’s Open Borders Agenda Takes a Big Hit From Patriotic Judge

Ever since he took office, Joe Biden has overseen an invasion of this country.

Since occupying the Oval Office and staffing the federal government with his regime servants, 4.6 million illegal aliens have been caught trying to cross the southern border from Mexico.

Now, Biden is finally facing some obstacles to his open border agenda, this time in the form of a federal judge who loves America and cares about enforcing US law.

No More Catch and Release

Judge Kent Wetherell of Florida has blocked Biden from catch and release. He says the administration’s citing of “humanitarian” grounds doesn’t excuse them breaking the law.

Basically, Wetherell determined that Florida AG Ashley Moody was correct when she challenged Biden’s parole and release of illegal aliens.

The US-Mexico border has become a home-free zone for illegal aliens and not an actual border, thanks to the “humanitarian” release policies, according to Moody.

Wetherell concurred with her challenge to the Biden regime’s policies in a savage opinion where he said Biden turned the border into nothing more than a “speed bump,” instead of a secure national line.

He went further, saying aliens “flooding” into America is completely legally unacceptable. The judge also warned that Biden using “parole” or the discretion of prosecutors to let hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens enter the US is completely “inapplicable” under the law.

‘Nothing Inhumane’

Writing further in his decision, Wetherell said there’s “nothing inhumane” about keeping illegal aliens detained and held until they have a hearing before a court of law about their asylum claim.

The Biden administration has now been given seven days to comply with US law and stop letting non-citizens enter the country without a hearing.

Biden and his Homeland Security chief Alejandro Mayorkas have been letting illegals flood the country in order to free up more space in detention centers near the border.

This includes flooding small communities that don’t have the resources to deal with this influx of people and whose healthcare systems and infrastructure are overwhelmed.

It’s likely the Biden regime will appeal this ruling, but it’s still a big step forward.

Remember 2020?

During 2020, Biden and Trump clashed repeatedly over the border. Biden was riding out the media-fueled outrage to the best of his ability and talking about “kids in cages.”

As Trump famously said, “Who built the cages, Joe?”

There were protests everywhere and huge anger about the rights of illegal aliens from white liberals who were busy helping burn down the center of major cities after the death of George Floyd.

Now, Biden is faced with reality and he’s starting to realize Trump was right. Sooner or later, the border will need to be secured. Preferably sooner for the safety of all involved, including the illegal immigrants themselves.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.