Biden’s Foreign Policy Blunder Could Hand Republicans Midterm Victories

The international crisis stemming from President Biden’s removal of American troops from Afghanistan is far from over. Right now, the Taliban is still back; likewise, American citizens are still stuck overseas in a nation taken over by terrorists.

Biden hasn’t shown any kind of understanding of what he’s done here. The president claims that he will bring Americans back; however, his own defense secretary has admitted that the government doesn’t have the capacity to get large amounts of Americans out of Afghanistan. Right now, more than 10,000 U.S. citizens are believed to be overseas.

A strong majority of Americans fault the president for what’s going on here. Even CNN and Democrat lawmakers aren’t rushing to back Biden on this one as they normally do. For days after the Afghanistan crisis (when the world witnessed desperate Afghans throwing themselves onto moving planes to escape), Biden’s own vice president disappeared from view.

Amid all this chaos and bipartisan backlash, Biden’s foreign policy blunder could hand Republicans midterm wins, according to Washington Examiner.

An Imminent Win for Senate Republicans?

Right now, the United States Senate is under a 50/50 split. If Republicans can keep all their current seats and regain even just one more, the Senate will tip back under GOP control. With House Republicans projected to regain the majority in their chamber as well, a win for Senate Republicans also would transform Congress; it would also carry significant implications for the Biden administration as well.

In talks with the media, Senate Republicans expressed that the Afghanistan crisis exposes Biden’s innate failure as a leader. Others stated that “general frustration” and Biden’s failure to follow through on promises about quickly returning to normal will work against him as well.

Senate elections which Republicans are specifically eyeing are those in Georgia, New Hampshire, and Arizona. All things considered, GOP members believe that taking back these Senate seats is more likely, following the chaos in Afghanistan.

Radio Silence from Democrats

Some Democrats have acknowledged that Biden messed up in how he withdrew our troops from Afghanistan. However, other Democrats prefer to remain silent and distance themselves from the entire debacle altogether.

Democrat Reps. Val Demings, Conor Lamb, and Tim Ryan are each up for re-election next year. They’ve also remained silent about the mass problems that Biden created. However, Senate Republicans aren’t letting this silence go by uncriticized.

Recently, the National Republican Senatorial Committee slammed the aforementioned Democrats for “playing partisan politics.” The NRSC maintains that by these Democrats not calling out the Biden administration on the Afghanistan debacle, they are worsening matters and playing ‘follow the leader.’

What do you think about the longterm political consequences of Biden’s withdrawal? Will this lead to GOP wins in the midterms? Let us know in the comments section below.