Biden’s Border Chief Lands in Hot Water

Of all the problems to emerge under the Biden administration, illegal immigration has been a prevailing one. When Biden rolled back the immigration rules from the previous White House, it didn’t take long for chaos to emerge.

To this day, data from the Department of Homeland Security shows an uptick in unlawful crossings at the southern border since January 2021. Under the Biden administration, there have even been reports of migrants illegally entering America via the northern border as well.

In the middle of all this, GOP lawmakers and others are calling for accountability from not just the president, but also DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Though the top Biden aide’s latest comments about the border crisis left much to be desired, as acknowledged by Washington Times.

An Unacceptable Explanation

On Tuesday, Mayorkas testified before Congress about the happenings at the southern border. Amid his comments to US lawmakers, the DHS secretary also revealed that he was ignorant of cartels intentionally using illegal immigrants as pawns to keep Border Patrol officials distracted.

This was jarring for many reasons. For one thing, as the border chief, it is Mayorkas’ job to know what’s transpiring. Secondly, Merrick Garland, the nation’s attorney general, informed Congress of the cartels doing this just earlier in the month.

It begs to question how such critical information could have possibly flown under the radar for Mayorkas.

Holding Mayorkas Accountable

Throughout the border chief’s congressional testimony this week, he was grilled by Republican senators who had reasonable questions. When Mayorkas couldn’t provide accurate answers, he was rightfully called out for his incompetence.

Republicans also previously stated that Mayorkas ought to be impeached, due to the derelict of his duty and utter negligence at the southern border. The DHS secretary’s testimony before Congress has not done anything to change minds or clean up this perception.

Sadly, there is no indication that America’s illegal immigration problems will be fixed under this present administration.