Biden’s Approval Rating Tanks to 35%


President Biden continues to make an absolute, complete fool of himself. His disastrous policies on vaccines, immigration, jobs, and more show his lack of fitness to be president each day.

There is a growing realization in America that Biden just doesn’t have what it takes to be an even mildly effective commander in chief. This is why the Democrat Party is relying on Vice President Kamala Harris (instead of Biden) to help them out as midterm elections get closer.

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Right now, Biden is less than nine months into his presidency. There are already people openly declaring on social media they regret voting for him. Meanwhile, Americans who did not vote for Biden are increasingly displeased with his choices in office.

All of this plays a considerable role in why the president’s approval rating has fallen to yet another steep low, per Breitbart News.

The Associated Press Poll

A poll conducted by the Associated Press is very insightful regarding what Americans think about this current president. The AP asked Americans whether or not they approve of Biden’s work as it pertains to immigration.

As it turns out, only 35% of Americans noted their approval of the 46th president in this regard. Meanwhile, a significant 64% of Americans confirmed their disapproval of Biden on immigration to the AP.

It’s no secret that Biden’s been doing an absolutely terrible job on the southern border. The border is basically wide open; illegal immigrants are just coming on in. While all this is happening, Border Patrol agents and other officials lack the resources to handle this amount of migrants.

Therefore, without doing anything to fix the problem and close the border, Biden is having these migrants flown across the nation and then dropped off in different cities. This stunt from the White House prompted a lawsuit from Florida earlier this week, however.

Even Lower Numbers to Come?

35% approval on Biden’s job at the southern border is pretty low. However, even lower numbers could be on the horizon. This week, Americans learned that President Biden is planning to fire Border Patrol agents if they do not take the COVID vaccine by a November 22 deadline.

Thankfully, the GOP governor of Texas says he will hire any border workers who Biden fires for not getting the controversial COVID vaccine. Yet, for the president to even consider terminating Border Patrol agents when their presence is so desperately needed speaks volumes.

Biden would rather see the southern border completely open and with no defenses than let Border Patrol agents do their jobs. This truly highlights the bungled priorities and authoritarian nature of the White House occupant.

Do you think Joe Biden’s approval numbers will keep on getting lower as time passes? Let us know below in the comments section.