Biden Would Bring Back Individual Mandate if Elected President

Democrats truly have a parasitic predilection for dictating how Americans spend their money. This is actually quite ironic since the left-wing claims to be the party of working people. They claim this and yet time and time again, their policies prove otherwise. Losing higher amounts of income to taxes does not foster the betterment of circumstances for the working class. Still, Democrats continue to propose and bring back policies which restrict economic autonomy.

Despite how much Democrat frontrunner Joe Biden has attempted to branch himself as the likable moderate, he’s still a leftist. As a leftist, Biden believes that government ought to be able to force Americans to spend their money in a particular manner.

During an interview on Friday, the former Vice President affirmed that he will reinstate the dreadful Obamacare individual mandate if he becomes the 46th president of the United States, reports The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Reviewing Biden’s Love for the Individual Mandate

When Biden sat down with CNN, he attempted to strategically frame his support for the individual mandate as something which will actually help Americans.

In the former vice president’s own words:

“I think there should be health care for everyone. I have a plan how to do that that’s rational, that’ll cost a hell of a lot less and will work.”

It won’t “cost a hell of a lot less.” Forcing Americans to purchase healthcare which they may not want or which may not meet their individual needs equates to the theft of hard-earned money. Biden is also supportive of Medicare-for-All and the provision of free healthcare to illegal immigrants; both of these radical, socialist reforms will rob working people of their money as more and more of it goes to taxes.

Quite frankly, it’s very disingenuous for Biden to pretend as though forcing Americans to lose more income to taxes and purchase healthcare or pay a penalty fee is advantageous. Of all the negative aspects associated with Obamacare, the individual mandate was the most despised, yet Biden wants to bring it back. That’s extremely telling.

The Monotony of the Democrat Party

The plethora of Democrats who are running in the primary elections may present an illusion of diversity amongst the left-wing. However, the operative word here is illusion. When it comes down to it, the Democrat Party is all about raising taxes, giving freebies to illegal immigrants and forcing Americans to pay for a series of expensive, ridiculous, government-run programs which will drive the United States into the ground.

A vote for any Democrat is a vote for socialism, left-wing extremism, and failure on a national level.

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