Biden Will Pass an Executive Order Pertaining to Police

Law enforcement is a critical element of civil society. Without police to enforce laws, communities quickly turn into the Wild Wild West.

This is apparent in multiple cities today that are struggling with elevated rates of crime, due to defunding the police and putting in policies such as “bail reform.”

Cities with these issues are run by Democrats, a party that was the driving force behind the movement to defund law enforcement.

Some Democrats are now trying to disassociate from this movement altogether; however, others are still saying defunding law enforcement isn’t problematic.

In spite of all that Democrats have done to hurt law enforcement in America, there could be more on the way. According to Newsmax, Joe Biden is planning to issue an order that directly pertains to law enforcement.

What to Expect From Biden’s Executive Order

The president’s executive order will center on police reform.

Apparently, Biden will do his best to ensure this order walks a fine line between putting communities at ease and also allowing law enforcment officers to do their jobs accordingly.

This executive order will also follow dozens of hours of meetings with police unions, US lawmakers, civil rights activists, and others.

At this time, the specific nature of what the executive order will demand remains to be seen. However, law enforcement officers have been very clear about where they stand on the matter altogether.

According to Fraternal Order of Police executive director Jim Pasco, a balance between the concerns that law enforcment has and concerns of civil rights activists needs to be met.

Pasco also expressed that both sides ultimately want the same thing; this is to ensure that communities are secure and also free of discrimination.

Derrick Johnson, the president of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), stated executive orders are subpar in comparison to legislation that actually goes through Congress.

On top of this, Johnson stressed that lawmakers need to step in, passing bills that ensure police and communities are safe, while also barring “bad actors” from working in law enforcement.

Pushback From Biden’s Base

Anti-police sentiment in the Democrat Party remains very much alive.

This is evident in the pushback the president has recieved since he started openly talking about funding law enforcment in the United States.

Democrats have been fuming on social media, stating Biden should redirect police funding to COVID, lowering poverty, and other initiatives.

It is very clear that much of Biden’s base today believes defunding the police is acceptable. Time will determine what ultimately stems from his executive order.

What do you think will happen once Biden issues an executive order focusing on police reform? In the comments area, feel free to let us know.