Biden: We’ll Go “Door to Door” to Get People Vaccinated


The Biden administration continues to set a world record of failure. 

President Biden failed thousands of Keystone Pipeline workers when he killed their jobs earlier this year to appease radical environmentalists. Biden has also failed Americans by allowing cyberattacks, crime increases, and a border crisis to happen under his presidency. 

Each day that Biden doesn’t appropriately mitigate these issues, he fails the country; however, this president’s most recent failure deals with the coronavirus vaccine. 

Weeks ago, President Biden announced his goal to get 70% of Americans immunized against COVID-19 before Independence Day 2021. Biden ultimately failed; now, his next course of action is sending government officials “door to door” to get more unvaccinated people vaccinated, as Breitbart News documents. 

The “Door to Door” Vaccination Plan

The Biden administration has spent millions of dollars on promoting the rushed, experimental coronavirus vaccine; however, despite all their efforts, they still haven’t gotten as many folks vaccinated as they’d like. 

Therefore, on Tuesday, both President Biden and White House press secretary Jen Psaki announced the White House’s plan to travel from “door to door” to increase COVID vaccination rates. Both Biden and Psaki spoke about this “door to door” vaccination plan as if it were no big deal. 

Yesterday, Psaki also stated that the White House fully supports the idea of states bringing back sweeping COVID restrictions; these are the same restrictions that engendered massive mental health crises, job loss, and much more upheaval. 

An Ill-Advised Plan

On Tuesday, countless Americans made clear that they are not on board with the Biden administration’s plan to send officials “door to door” to boost COVID vaccination rates.

Many people questioned the legality of such a plan, describing it as nothing more than harassment and coercion from the government. Other Americans stated that they would tell officials to leave their property or simply not answer the door.

Apparently, the White House did not think this one through. The notion of the White House sending people to the homes of unvaccinated folks is disturbing to many individuals; it also implies that the White House is literally tracking people who have and have not been vaccinated. 

This new revelation of a “door to door” vaccination plan from the Biden administration won’t be forgotten. As a matter of fact, it’s going to be heavily discussed in the weeks ahead. Many Americans have already been clear that they see this as nothing more than tyranny and intrusion from the federal government. 

What are your thoughts on the Biden administration sending officials “door to door” to pressure Americans into getting the COVID vaccine? How would you react in such a situation? We want to know your position on this below in the comments section.