Biden Weighs in on Kanye West Scandal

Earlier this week, rapper Kanye West kicked off the month by taking his anti-Semitic commentary to the next level. West stated he “loves” Hitler, Nazis, and believes Hitler “especially” held many “redeeming qualities.”

West made these remarks on Alex Jones’ InfoWars show, where even Jones appeared uncomfortable and stated he disagreed with things West was saying. This didn’t stop the rapper from doubling down, claiming that he’s tired of Nazis being demonized.

West also openly denied the Holocaust, falsely alleging that millions of Jewish people didn’t lose their lives. Naturally, these sorts of remarks went viral and left everyone talking.

On Friday, Joe Biden weighed in on the matter without directly referencing Kanye West, according to Breitbart News.

A Closer Look at Biden’s Rebuke

The president took to social media, pointing out the Holocaust did, in fact, happen. Biden also noted that Hitler was “demonic” in nature before demanding for political leaders to name and condemn anti-Semitism.

Later, the president went on to mention those who are silent in the face of anti-Semitism are complicit. While Biden’s remarks were a clear reference to West’s statements on InfoWars, he didn’t specifically name the rapper.

Biden’s comments arrived around the same time West lost access to his Twitter account once more. Twitter owner Elon Musk booted West off, stating he violated the platform’s rules on incitement to violence.

West would also leak a text message of Musk telling him that he went too far and wasn’t promoting love. The rapper’s response to this was not to reflect on the feedback, but to sarcastically ask Musk who made him the arbiter.

A Larger Pattern

Before the tweet Biden sent out on Friday, the White House condemned former President Trump for having dinner with West and Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes.

The administration again reiterated that there’s no room for anti-Semitism and it should be condemned.

Thus far, Trump’s response to the backlash has been stating West never made anti-Semitic comments in front of him, along with denying his awareness of Nick Fuentes and his views.

West’s praise of Nazis and Hitler has been condemned by Republicans and Democrats alike. New York Republican Lee Zeldin, for example, recently told Politico that he wants “nothing to do” with the rapper.

Zeldin subsequently warned West is “bad news,” a “lunatic,” and a “deranged anti-Semite.”

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro also cautioned that West is a “Jew hater” who’s in the middle of a mental breakdown at the moment.

What do you make of Joe Biden’s response to one of the most talked about scandals in the United States these days? You’re more than welcome to weigh in with your opinions and thoughts down below in the comments area.