Biden Warns of Additional COVID Restrictions Amid Delta Variant


The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) severely wounded their credibility earlier this week. On Tuesday, the CDC had the gall to claim that vaccinated individuals need to wear face masks; this comes after months of the CDC and other health officials claiming that getting vaccinated was key to no longer needing a mask. 

The CDC, the White House, and other groups claim that mask mandates for vaccinated persons are due to the Delta variant; however, the clear implication here is that the virus doesn’t work against the Delta variant. This would explain why there are so many “breakthrough” cases of vaccinated folks getting COVID. 

This thirst for power and control over people’s lives isn’t going away though. During a recent chat with the media, President Biden stated that the American people should anticipate additional COVID restrictions amid the Delta variant, Breitbart News confirms. 

More COVID Restrictions in America? 

It’s very clear that Biden is anticipating more coronavirus restrictions in the United States; the CDC has already confirmed this week that the Biden administration is looking into whether or not they have the power to implement a nationwide COVID vaccine mandate.

However, states’ rights still exist. Biden, even as president, does not have the authority to mandate every single American get the COVID vaccine. However, it is very likely that the 46th president will push for more restrictions; blue states with Democrat governors will be all too happy to resume locking down and restricting their residents. 

Red states are a different story. Republican governors like Ron DeSantis, Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, etc., have made clear that they are not going backwards, nor are they willing to lock people down and trample on freedoms. Therefore, Biden will only have as much power to mandate things as governors give him. 

This could very well explain why thousands of Americans per day are moving to Florida and relocating to other red states. 

The Reality of COVID Restrictions

At this point, it is truly up to Americans whether or not we become stuck in a spiral of perpetual tyranny inflicted by the government in the name of COVID protection.

It’s up to governors to determine how they want to lead; likewise, it is up to Americans, business owners, and others to figure out whether or not they will accept lockdowns. At the end of the day, COVID restrictions are meaningless if mass numbers of people fail to comply. 

This is something for everyone to keep in mind, as we go forward. 

What do you think about President Biden stating that more coronavirus restrictions are likely coming? Do you think Biden has the power to federally mandate the COVID vaccine? Let us know in the comments section below.